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What to Expect in Your Hip Replacement Surgery

What to Expect in Your Hip Replacement Surgery

You’ve got so many places to be, and so many things to do. Family functions, work events, hobbies, and travel all keep you busy. But as you get older, or if you’ve suffered from an injury or degenerative condition, hip pain and dysfunction can get in your way.

When your hip hurts all or most of the time, staying active, connected, and healthy turns into too much of a challenge. If this sounds like you, you may be able to improve your quality of life with surgical hip replacement.

Experienced orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Pearson provides surgical hip replacement from his practice with Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana. If your hip joint isn’t working properly anymore, causing you pain and limiting your mobility, you may benefit from this procedure.

Deciding it’s time for hip replacement

Your hip joint takes a lot of wear-and-tear, and can sustain damage due to injury or disease, as well. When your hip joint no longer functions smoothly, you have options to improve your mobility and decrease your hip pain, including surgical hip replacement.

Surgery is a major decision, and Dr. Pearson helps you evaluate the situation, as well as your condition, to determine when it’s time for surgical hip replacement.

Depending on your unique physiology and medical history, you may be a candidate for anterior hip replacement, a less invasive way of performing your hip replacement.

Dr. Pearson examines you, looks at your family and medical history, and lets you know the right treatment plan for you. He also checks on your medical fitness before your surgery with testing, if needed.

Cutting-edge surgical hip replacement

With Dr. Pearson and his team, your hip surgery benefits from cutting-edge surgical approaches and medical technology, including computer navigation to steer your surgery with precision.

Dr. Pearson uses anterior hip replacement techniques, accessing your hip bone through incisions in the front of your body, rather than the back. This reduces your overall post-surgery recovery period, and keeps your risks low during surgery.

Anterior hip replacement also lets Dr. Pearson use X-rays to guide your surgery, for improved accuracy and precision control.

Dr. Pearson creates an incision in the tissue at the front of your leg. After gaining access to your hip joint, he removes damaged areas of bone and cartilage. He replaces your hip joint with a prosthetic ball-and-socket, then closes the incision.

Recovery after hip replacement

Your procedure may be done on an outpatient basis, meaning you can head home that same day.

With Dr. Pearson’s approach to hip replacement, you experience a shorter overall recovery time. Anterior hip replacement doesn’t damage your muscles, so you won’t need to start over rebuilding lower body strength.

Physical therapy, wound care, and pain management all play important roles in your postoperative care. Dr. Pearson makes sure you understand the healing process ahead of you before your surgery, and keeps working with you throughout your recovery.

To learn more about hip replacement surgery, and find out if you could benefit from this procedure, contact Dr. Pearson and the team at Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana online or over the phone and schedule your initial consultation appointment today.

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