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Partial Knee Replacement Specialist

Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana

Dr. Jeffrey Pearson

Orthopedic Surgeon located in Shreveport, LA & Bossier City, LA

Partial knee replacement surgery delivers relief from joint pain and improves function for chronic conditions like osteoarthritis. If you have severe knee pain or dysfunction, Jeffrey Pearson, MD, at Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, can help. Dr. Pearson performs partial knee replacement surgery using advanced robotic technologies for superior results and a speedy recovery. To find out how you can benefit from partial knee replacement, call Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana or book an appointment online today.

Partial Knee Replacement Q & A

Why would I need knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement surgery may be necessary if you sustain a traumatic injury to the joint that isn't repairable. However, the most common reason for knee replacement is joint damage caused by osteoarthritis.

This form of arthritis develops over the years as the protective coating of cartilage on the ends of your bones gradually wears away. The unprotected bones create friction as they rub together, triggering chronic inflammation, pain, and stiffness.

Dr. Pearson provides effective non-surgical treatments for osteoarthritis to help you manage the symptoms for extended periods. Unfortunately, some patients find these treatments are no longer working well, and knee replacement surgery becomes necessary.


What is a partial knee replacement?

Partial knee replacement is a surgical procedure to replace a damaged part of your knee rather than the whole joint.

Your knee has three compartments:

  • Medial (the inside of your knee)
  • Lateral (the outside of your knee)
  • Patellofemoral (the area between your kneecap and thighbone)


If two of these compartments are healthy enough to retain, Dr. Pearson performs a partial or unicompartmental knee replacement.


What does partial knee replacement involve?

You need to have a general anesthetic or an epidural injection that numbs the entire lower half of your body. To carry out partial knee replacement, Dr. Pearson cuts the front of the knee and examines each compartment to confirm what needs replacing. The operation itself has three stages:

Preparing the bone

Dr. Pearson uses special saws to cut off the damaged cartilage and smooth the bone surfaces.

Implant positioning

Dr. Pearson covers the prepared bone with metal fixtures that reconstruct the joint surfaces, then fixes them in place using bone cement.

Spacer insertion

Dr. Pearson places a plastic insert between the two metal components to recreate the smooth, gliding surface of a healthy joint.

Rather than creating a large incision in your knee, Dr. Pearson makes smaller cuts allowing him to use minimally invasive techniques. In addition, he specializes in robotic-assisted technology such as the Mako® system to deliver the most accurate partial joint replacements.

Minimally invasive techniques cause less tissue damage, pain, and scarring. You're also likely to benefit from faster recovery and a more normal feeling joint.

To find out if partial knee replacement is the best option for your painful knee, call Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana or schedule an appointment online today.