Fellowship Training

Many people do not know where to start when considering a total hip and total knee replacement. There are so many things to think about and consider. What doctor to choose? Do I need an anterior hip replacement? Should I consider undergoing mako robotic knee replacement?  

When thinking about a hip or knee replacement, do your research. When looking at your options, make sure to choose a surgeon who has completed a fellowship in hip and knee reconstruction (aka hip and knee replacement). 

A fellowship is an extra year of training specifically focusing on hip and knee replacement. This gives the surgeon an extra level of expertise in the area. Certainly, many surgeons can do a hip or knee replacement, but a fellowship trained surgeon is an expert. 

If you had an old Toyota 4-Runner that needed to be worked on, where would you take it? Undoubtedly a mechanic down the road can fix up the car and do a good job. But what about a mechanic that only took care of Toyota 4-runners, all day, every day? Think about the added knowledge and experience that mechanic would have.


That is what fellowship training gives me, an additional year of specialization in hip and knee replacement. If you are considering a hip or knee replacement, please look for surgeons that have completed a year of fellowship training. You will most certainly have a better outcome and experience with this choice.


Jeffrey Pearson

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